Meditation is a practice that helps you to become present in the now, quiet the mind, foster intuition, non-reactivity, focus and concentration and be a tool to connect your mind, body and spirit. It enables you to navigate and work through whatever life may throw your way.

Whether it’s working with the breath, mantras, chakras, energy, mudras, visualizations, movement or Yoga Nidra, we'll discover a technique or techniques that work for you.

Potential Benefits of Meditation:

  • Decreases Stress & Anxiety

  • Decreases Blood Pressure

  • Decreases Pain

  • Decreases Reactivity

  • Relief from IBS

  • Improves Sleep

  • Strengthens Immune System

  • Increases Emotional Balance & Regulation

  • Increases Fertility

  • Increases Connection to Self

  • Increases Intuition