Do You Should on Yourself?

How often do you should on yourself??

I should….eat less, workout more, lose weight, gain weight, make more money, be better, do more, do less, eat more of this, eat less of that, etc. etc etc.

Is it a should storm up in your head all day everyday?

Every time you should on yourself, you’re basically sh#ting on yourself. Pretty “punny”, right? But seriously, you’re sending a message to your subconscious that you’re not enough. Guess what? You are enough.

Here's what to do...

Start to become aware of how you talk to yourself throughout the day. Notice how often you say to yourself or even to someone else, that you should (fill in the blank). As you do this, you begin to build an awareness.

If possible, try to reframe it in a positive way. For example, imagine you say to yourself, I should have finished this project hours ago. Hear it and maybe say to yourself, I’m doing the best I can on this project and it will be done when it’s done.

You might still be shoulding on the regular for a long time, but this can help to not only bring awareness, but counteract it and eventually minimize it. Remember its not all or nothing and there is no perfection in this crazy journey called life.